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Thank you for visiting our web site. You can contact us via this page.






If you prefer to make your UNC donation on line, here are some instructions to get you started...

Go to this web site: http://giving.unc.edu/gift/lib/
In the "Please select a fund" drop down menu, select "Other...." at the bottom of the list.
In just a moment, a "Search Funds" link will appear right next to that drop down menu. Click it.
Enter CARTOGRAPHIC in the keyword search field and click "Search". The search results will return The Cartographic History Fund. Click the "Select" link to the right of the fund name.
The remainder of the process is self-explanatory.


Another great organization that deserves our support is the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA) located in Old Salem. You can show your support by joining at the level of your choosing. Join on line here. They have been actively conserving, displaying, and adding to their superb collection of maps. If you wish to participate in this endeavor, specify a gift to the Cartographic Arts Fund. MESDA has been a wonderful host for several WPCMS meetings and they have invited us to return!


Donations to the Library of Congress's Geography & Map Division, via their friends group, the Philip Lee Phillips Society, are also an excellent means of supporting the preservation of cartographic history. You can donate on line HERE, or print your contribution/membership form HERE if you prefer to mail a check. If you choose to donate on line, please be certain to enter "PHILIP LEE PHILLIPS SOCIETY" in the "To:" window.



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